Venice Proposal and Renewing services

Proposal and Renewing services

Proposal and Renewing services

Do you need to plan your proposal?

And now you are there, with your head and in your hands, you don’t know where to start, you don’t know how to move, you don’t know a lot of thing, but above all you don’t know how to fix this situation which is very important to you.

Have you already decided among a city, mountain or seaside?

And after that, 

are you able to choose if Venice could be better than Rome, or Florence, or Amalfi coast, or Pisa, Treviso, Cinque Terre, Sicily, Pompei, Dolomites… enough confusion?

And now, how will move around the town, which will be the best corner: we know that you don’t know but now you are in good hands. Don’t worry, and breath deeply.

Have you ever heard about “proposal planner”? As a wedding planner, the proposal planner is a person (with his crew) who is able to plan everything for you, making your life easier and your day brighter.

Do you want to hear some more?

Our team is here to offer you our professionalism to make your proposal the best ever as well as for your vow renewal.

You and your partner will enjoy the best moment of your life and we will think to all the rest.

We offer you a double chance:

  • DIY formula: you tell us your request, you tell us all about you and your partner and we will provide you the best suitable idea for your customize proposal or vow renewal. Once you get the idea, you can plan and realize your day on your own, based on a very great concept. We can suggest you the best city, the best corner, the best moment according to your needs. We can suggest how and when, we can plan everything together, but you will be the real artisan of the action.
  • STRESS-FREE formula: we speak together, you explain us all about you and your partner, you give you the bespoke concept for your best moment and all your problems will be gone! You don’t need to think about anything else but your partner. We will provide you the right situation, exclusive location, and all you need: means of transportation, drivers, clothes, rings, flowers, decoration, petals, music and musicians and singers, chef, photographers, video makers and everything you could need more. 

Get in contact with us with confidence, we will help you in planning this precious moment of your whole life.

Your proposal is safe, your vow renewal will be better than your marriage. Stay with us!

Pics by: Michael Zennaro