The Venice advent calendar game 2021

Are youready  to play the “ADVENT CALENDAR” by TourLeaderVenice and Michael Zennaro Photographer?
Rules are easy:
– First Rule: you do not talk about “ADVENT CALENDAR”
– Second Rule: you do not talk about “ADVENT CALENDAR”
– Third Rule: if someone yells “stop!”, goes limp, or taps out, the fight is over! For you, in this case, the “ADVENT CALENDAR” is over.
– Fourth Rule: research for “ADVENT CALENDAR” will last until December 24th, because we let you stay with your beloved on December 25th.
C’m’on! We are kidding!
Let’s start speak seriously .. “ADVENT CALENDAR” will take place for real and the more you speak the more you enjoy, and the more you will speak to the grapevines and the more it will be well known, the more we will be and the more we welcome have fun!

The real rule to take part to “ADVENT CALENDAR” are the following:

1. follow our social networks:


2. we will play from December 1st until December 24th, included;
3. every day for the whole duration of the Advent, we will hid an original prize in the area of Treviso and Venice, city downtown and province;
4. every day, before officially opening treasure hunt, we will give some hints in order to recognize the city/village where the prize has been hidden, and some hints to exactly identify the chosen place. Hints will be given on our social networks (above);
5. First person who will detect the correct place and will reach that place and will find the prize, that person will be the winner of the day and that person will get the prize of the day.
6. Partecipazione is free, prizes will be gifted to winners, and if the winner likes, winner can have his/her picture posted on our social networks.
We will have the chance to know a lot of new people and many different realities coming from our beautiful territory.
Remember to share our “ADVENT CALENDAR” because our little elves are already raring.
We wait for all of you!! #venice #venezia

TheVenice advent calendar game 2021