Serial Killers of Venice Tour

Serial Killers of Venice Tour

The route proposed plans to revive all the phases of a murder that took place in 1779 and
mentioned in the chronicles of the time to have been particularly bloody . Thanks to the study oftrial documents preserved in the State Archives of Venice, in the basement of the Quarantia
Criminal , it was possible to build a complete itinerary in great  detail, from the place where
the corpse was discovered to the house of the culprit. Tourists will be given a map with the
path and show you photos and reproductions of surgical expertise of the evidence gathered
from in the extensive legal documents . The route starts from the railway station and
lasts about two hours. The itinerary includes:
1 – San Simeon Piccolo : blood
2 – Plague Column
3 – Bridge Tolentini : blood
4 – Campo S. Margherita: discovery of the corpse
5 – St. Barnabas traces of blood
6 – Church of St. Trovaso : discovery of the corpse
7 – Calle della Madonna : home dell’assassina
8 – Santa Croce

The tour last around 2 hrs. We run the tour every day and it is led by a local Venetian guide.
This tour can start from your hotel in Venice or Venice cruise terminal or other pre-agreed location

The itinerary has been designed by Davide Busato

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