Venice Movie set tour

Venice Movie set tour – private

Venice is probably one of the best movie set cities around the wolrd! Nothing has changed much over time and historical movies are just perfect in this location ! 007, The Merchant of Venice, Spiderman, Indiana Jones and many more  Look at the list below and you will see there’s a lot of choice, including Mickey Mouse or even Pokemon ! This will be a combination tour, first on foot, then by boat to see as many locations around the city as possible.

The tour will be a combination of a walking tour and a private water taxi ride.

If you would like to see the city of Venice from a movie set point of view, and what’ involved around this special way to see the city, this will be your special way to admire Venice. You always wanted to follow the footstep of James Bond in Venice, or see that palace that has been teardown in that specific movie, or the amazig boat chase in the Italian job movie, or the balcony where Johnnhy Depp jumped off … here it s your tour of the city of Venice.

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