Padova and ham

Padova and ham

Driving along the famous Brenta canal where many venetian villas are, it will be an extremely unique ride ! The water, the colors, the landscape, the architecture, something that you wont forget!

A visit in Padova it’s just special ! The second oldest university center in Italy ( 1222) , the place where Galileo Galilei was a teacher, the spectacular fruit market, with plenty opportunities for the foodies ! The St Anthony Basilica, the archways, fantastic walk and great opportunity to see a fantastic medieval city ! As in our tours we never forget the old part …. Parma ham is amazingly good .. but even in this part of Italy the ham is spectacular and the wine too … that’s exactly what will discover during our full day from the sea to the river up the hills and the historical cities to be back again in the lagoon just before dusk!

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