Gondola ride in Venice – private

Gondola ride in Venice – private

If you don’t take a gondola ride while you are in Venice is like going to Paris and not going to the Eiffel tower, or going to New York and not going to the Statue of liberty or the Empire State Building … you will regret fro the rest of your life!

Guys get the change on going in a lovely, relaxing gondola ride  .. this is the best way to enjoy the city … slow move, slow ride ! Normally i suggest to get a gondola ride away from the big tourist areas, why??? Otherwise it will be like getting stuck in one of the worst traffic jam ! Here we do have gondola traffic jam and see millions of tourists in millions gondolas all lined up one after the others it want be romantic, it wont be nice, it wont be unique or either a life time experience !

Get in touch with us to experience Venice in the quiete canals with your gondolier and your local guide that will tell you, all the stories behind the venetian’s scenes !

This tour can be customized according to your wishes ! You can combine the walking tour with a gondola ride tour!

For any help i’ m at your disposal email: info@tourleadervenice.com


Gondola in Venice