Experience the Best of Venice with a Local Guide: Discover Hidden Gems and Local Flavors

Venice with a local guide. 

Or a local expert. 

If you start to read all the blogs about Venice, you will find many different options, ideas, and way of visiting Venice. 

The most common ideas are:

  • You can see Venice in 2 or 3 hrs
  • After St. Mark square and Rialto bridge there nothing to see
  • you can visit Venice on your own 
  • you don’t need a local guide 

From my point of view .. the situation is like this, i m in tourism business for the past 25 years, i travel extensively everywhere, and every time that i visit a new place i get a local guide. At least for few hours .. but in this way i ve got to know the place a bit better, i learn what to do and what to avoid direclty from the locals, the best point of view ! So getting some insights from a local expert guide in Venice it’s a great idea from my point of view.

Why getting Venice local guide:

  • he will show you Venice, from a non tourists point of view.
  • he will give you the best advice about what to eat and where to it.
  • he will give you special tips about special places to see Venice during sunset or sunrise.
  • he will give you tips to avoid the big crowds.
  • he will show you venice off the beaten path. 
  • he will be the local ambassador of the city.
  • and much more. 

At the end of the day, if you would like to visit Venice as you would visit it with your best friends, get a local expert and he will show you the best of the best of Venice, but we will customize your experice, and it will be unique , just for you. 

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