Unlock the Secrets of Venice with Behind the Scenes Tour

Venice behind the scenes

if you don’t know that venice it an island, or better are some 118 islands linked together with something like 400 bridges, if you don’t know that while you ll be walking mourned venice, you ‘ll be walking on the top of a petrified forest, if you are couriuos and you would like to know more about this incredible city full of mystery …… and you don’t want to miss all the most important informations, probably getting a local guide is a great idea!

Getting a local guide while you will be in Venice, and getting the Venice behid the scenes, it’s probably a great idea because you will be guided all over the city , without getting lost, you will be gettign the most importat tips about the city, you got to know all the plcaces that are attended by the locals. Our local guide will take you behind the scenes of an amazing place that only with a local guide you will be able to fully appreciate and undestand. Have a look at this video to get some extra ideas about the city.

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