Venice and Veneto virtual tour

Venice veneto virtual tour

Hello everybody! 

How are you? We hope you are all fine.

In this period, you know better than us, we cannot travel around the world, but we cannot either work.

But, lucky us – all of us – there’s a solution we can enjoy together.

Have ever heard about Virtual Tours?

Virtual Tours are a wonderful solution for everybody, giving the chance to travel the whole world (more or less) staying conformably in our armchair, and no hassles for passport, visa, jetage, long flights, weather condition we don’t like, steps, mountains to climb, river to cross, sea to swim, diseases which don’t let us live the life we would like.

We try to give you a better explanation: whenever you want,, whenever you have a pare time hour, you can use your laptop/tablet/mobile to connect to some website and have your virtual tour.

You can choose different formulas: 

  • one to one, speaking with a local tour guide, as a private talk:
  • a real walk (for the tour guide) in a certain place, and you connected watching the live stream;
  • a virtual tour (both for tour guide and for visitor) because tour guide will be at his own home, – using the pc – he will show you all the magnificent places, architecture, history and anecdotes of a certain city.

In any case, it’s always something live, no pre-recorded video, so you have the chance to interact with the guide, ask your questions, have an answer to your curiosities.

Easy, isn’t it?

Just an hour of spear time and a device connected to internet and there we go!!!

Easy like a 1-2-3!

Our team is already skilled for these activities and we are all experiencing this new way of travel since many months ago.

Would you be part of the group of Virtual Traveller? Hop on in these platforms, and try all of them, finding the one you like most and your favorite tour.

You can find our team here:

Private Virtual tour contact us for a private and customized tour: contact us and tell us which would be your dreamy tour and your dreamy destination. Together we will decide the best solution for your wish, giving you a perfect bespoke tour, just for you, and only you (and if you want your beloved) can assist at this tour. Just a provate tour among you and the guide, who will be at your complete disposal. 

We are able to arrange you a live stream tour on spot, showing you the city as you’d be there with us or we can offer you a tailored virtual tour using the pc, which let us to get from one side of the city to the opposite side just in a second, just the time of a click and so we don’t waste any precious second in the tour and we use at its full potential the whole duration of your tour.

Virtual Trips where Igor and his team is leading a lot of different tours around the whole Veneto Region (Venice, Treviso, Asolo, Marostica and then a glimpse on Prosecco, Tiramisu and many others yummy things have to come!). Really a large selection, which is growing every day!

They are all streaming Tours, with tour guides who are really walking around the city, showing you the best of each city. You, and all other users can interact with guides using the chat, and guides will answer your question during the explanation!

Usually the tours last around 45 minutes, and you are able to have your best pictures and postcards thanks to a special button in the website… you cannot believe how wonderful is, until you will try your first tour.

The tours are all free, all over the world, but if you enjoy any tour, remember that you can leave a tip, and it will be really appreciated! We can continue with our job, and you can continue travel comfortably the world.

Eventbrite another way to enjoy out virtual tours by pc. You, together with some other travelers around the world, would enjoy the virtual visit of the city. Our guide will use the pc too, and he will show you the city from a different point of view. You will enjoy the best corners and the best gems of the city, going from side to another side of the city in the time of a click, which will I’ve the chance to visit such a large quantity of sites and enjoy a lot of singular spots.

Viator Tour virtuale riservato a Venezia 

another lovely virtual tour, which show you cities in their off-the-beaten paths. The tour guide and the travelers will use both the pc (tablet, mobile) and they visit together in a virtual way all the nice and hidden things of this or that city. Wonderful! 

What are you waiting for? 

You don’t need to pack the suitcases, you don’t need the passport, you don’t need to train yourself with gym…. click on the link and get ready for your first incredible virtual tour!!!

We wait for you!!!!