Top italian christmas presents for 2022


Good day! I don’t if it works the same for you, but here we are all already excited for Christmas holidays. We are conscious that we area living in un unusual period, and we are conscious too that tourism industry is still strongly suffering this situation, but we are still here, alive, and we are really proud of it! We are proud of the job we daily do and proud of the country where we live, and we are even proud of the territory where we operate. Our pride could grow up even more if – you too – you wish to bring back to your home a little piece of our beloved territory, and the possibilities we are going to show you are almost uncountable, for any kind of taste and for any kind of budget. For this special circonstance, our boss Igor impersonated a special Santa, and in a very funny video he has illustrated any given choice at your disposal, thus, relax, sit back and watch it! We are at your disposal for any request, and remember that we can ship worldwide, and if you place your order now we assure you your purchase will be at your place in time for Christmas day: in order to make you and all your beloved happy. We wait for your order online, and we wait for you on our online and onsite (virtual and real) tours. Love, Igor & his whole staff