The legend of St Peter St John vessel

Italian Legend: "St Peter's vessel" or "St John's boat"

Italian Legend: “St Peter’s vessel” or “St John’s boat”

Italy is a very old country, you know, and in the centuries lots of legends grown here in there, up and down the boot and many of them are related to religion…. in some way or another.

Have you ever heard about the one of “St Peter’s vessel” or “St John’s boat”?

It’s a kind of magic which takes place every year on the night between June 23rd and 24th for St John and between 28th and 29th for St Peter.

It’s really easy: at around 9pm you prepare a glass vase (bottle, jar….. no matter what, the important it’s made by glass) full of water and you slowly pour inside the vase with water an albumen (egg white) and you put the vase so prepared in your garden or backyard, on the soil.

As in the better legends, go to bed early, don’t look at the vase during the night…. more or less as with Santa!

The morning after you will find a fantastic vessel, full of masts, sails and if you are really lucky even little flags ion the top.

Surely – we are Italian – accordingly with the shape of the resulting vessel, the shape of sail, the direction of the flags, we can predict the upcoming weather, the harvest and even if our daughter will find a boyfriend this year, and if he will arrive from the same village or not.

A kind of magic!!!!

PS: if you are not so addicted to magic, you can have the same experiment even on others days, of this same period. 

The important things are:

  • use a glass vase;
  • make the experiment of the end of a sunny day, when the the ground is really hot, and during the night ground slowly release the heat;
  • go to bed early and don’t go and watch the vase any 5 mins…. a little bit of magic must remain! 

Show us your vessel in the vase, come on , don’t be shy!

Send them to: with object “A vessel from…. [your country name]”