Treviso tiramisu, coffee, cicchetti and gelato

Treviso tiramisu, coffee, cicchetti and gelato 

This sounds just like my perfect day ! Theres’ nothing better than a nice cup of coffee or cappuccino or espresso that you can choose your blend and everything will be introduced by a coffee expert!

Tiramisu … ehhhh yummy and delicious … this must be heaven .. why ? the tiramisu has been invented in Treviso ! this must be the right place !

Veneto, Venice Treviso is the homeland of prosecco wine and salami .. and a food tour without tasting the highlight of the area is not complete at all without this !

I’m still having a bit of space in my belly ! Why don’t you fill it with the italian chocolate flavour winner !!!!

At this point of the day you will be bale to roll home.

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