Tour of the venetian lagoon – private

Tour of the venetian lagoon – private

Venice is an incredible island, every corner is a hidden surprise, every bridge is a postcard, sometimes the entire area can be really crowded and the best way to avoid it is … going for a relaxing boat ride in the venetian lagoon! This is a day trip that worth the entire trip to Venice, this will be the best way to relax yourself and see what’s behind all the touristic scenes!

What should you visit? Which is the best thing to do ? What is a must during your lagoon cruise tour?

It’s really difficult to answer which is the best thing to do and not to be missed !

I would  definitely visit Murano, totally different from Venice and it’ majesty ! Here we do have fewer big palaces, here in Murano, the capital of the glass blowing, the palazzos  are smaller here we needed more practicity   rather than beauty, we needed more space for the big glass industries !

With our tour we will enjoy a tour of one of the oldest glass blowing factory of the island of Murano !

Not to be mossed in my opinion is a walk along the island of Mazzorbo ! Never heard ? It’s a little island attached to Burano, the world’s most  famous place for lace and colorful houses, by a little bridge !

Why i like Mazzorbo so much ? Because there one of the most unique venetian vineyard! Fighting almost 2 month  year against high tide ! We will discover few secrets of the incredible wine of the lagoon, some example of vegetable garden ! You’ ll enjoy Mazzorbo and the vineyard for the uniquicity !

Then the highlight of our day will be the island of Burano ! An unreal place, where people trust each other like in the good old days, houses main doors are open, they don’t lock ! Lovely little canals, incredible cookies, colorful houses, this will be the perfect paradise for the photographers and for the “cookies monsters” ! This is just an idea of what you’ ll see with us! I don’t wanna be a spoiler.

Our boat ride will take us around the island of Torcello, an amazing quiete little place well renown thanks to Ernest Hemingway that e stayed here for a while! Should we talk about the beauties of the natural landscape? Should we talk about the nature and the birds and mother nature here ? If we will be lucky we might see flamingos …. they became locals from a while ago !

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