The most beautiful towns outside Venice

The most beautiful towns outside Venice

Are you interested to see what’s outside of Venice and its lagoon ?

This experience will take totally out of the way to see the real Italy away from all the big crowds!

You will fall in love with the amazing town of Marostica totally surrounded by medieval walls and well renown thanks especially for the human chess game that take place every year around september!

Bassano del Grappa is a delightful city with dramatic scenery over the Monte Grappa mountain or the famous Bassano’s bridge design by the world famous Andrea Palladio.

Asolo it’s a must a superb little medieval village consider one of the most beautiful in Italy. With a little castle on the top of the hill overlooking the entire valley.

A stop for a picture in Villa Barbaro Volpi, typical palladian villa it’s a classic!

To end up the day in the best way stopping by a local winery to taste the world famous prosecco wine will be a great end !


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