Inferno Dan Brown tour in venice

maskInferno Dan Brown tour in venice

Venice has a crucial role in the mystery thriller novel Inferno by Dan Brown. We’ll discover some locations described in the book, in order to jump into the obscure and exciting atmosphere of the rush that brings Robert Langdon and Sienna Brooks to discover their destiny.

Our meeting point well be in front of the St. Geremia church, where the relics of St. Lucy are still preserved. From there by private motor boat we’ll cross the northern Venice side having in front the cemetery island, in order to reach the Arsenal where Dante Alighieri took the idea of the boiling pitch for the Hell, and where we can read the famous Dante’s inscription. Using the same boat we’ll arrive to the St. Mark waterfront right below the sinister Bridge of Sighs and the famous venetian prisons. Optionally we can visit the crypt of the nearby church of St. Zaccaria, the only one open to the tourist in the city.

Then we’re going to discover the golden Basilica of St. Mark, and its terrace with the famous four horses, the originals and the copies, the place from where the blind Doge Enrico Dandolo made the call for the Crusade. Through a short walk we’ll reach the Rialto’s area where we’ll look for the ancient Palazzo of the Doge Dandolo.

The tour last around 3 hrs.

The tour last around 3 hrs. We run the tour every day, and is conducted by a venetian local guide.
This tour can start from your hotel in Venice or Venice cruise terminal or the most convinient place according to your needs.

Please remember not to wear shorts or skirts above your knees and to cover your naked shoulder when you enter in the church.

For any questions i ll be at your disposal