Cooking in Venice countryside

Cooking School in Venice countryside

You will attend the cooking class in one of the most magnificent places outiside Venice, with an incredible family that will show you all the special secrets of the amazing italian cooking traditions. You will be right in the heart of the prosecco valley, right between Venice, and the so well renown Dolomites mountains. Surrounded by a wood forest, this will be the pefect location for your cooking experince, with a professional and talentive chef, in a realaxing homy atmosphere. It will be a fin experience , that will introduce you into the italian life  style, enjoyining prosecco, learning about italian wines, dishes and products.

  • Hands on cooking for a private cooking school outside Venice.
  • Fun lerning
  • Organing ingredients during the cooking class
  • If interested you can have a special wine testign lessons

All classes will be  ‘hands on’ and will include lunch or dinnerWhat you will prepare and cook during your experience, will be your lunch or dinner, you will learn even the plating ideas in a elegant homy set. You will be having prosecco during your meal, red wine, and whire house wine, and local fresh ingredients.

What you will learn from the cooking class in the Venice countryside:

With the local chef, and in order of your cooking skills, you will be able to create three to four dishes, plus homemade breads, or you can focus your experience in specific fields, like pasta, gnocchi, fish or meat, baking or desert. All the lessons are normally starting with the preparation and cooking of the bread, explaining the different flavours, tecniques and shapes. All the classes will make sure that you will have the time to be more confident in cooking, and in order that you will be able to do it again once you will be back home.

Chopping as a professional chef it will be part of your day, always follow by our chef, you will learn easy skills, always working in a safe and fast way.

Now that you have learned few basic things, about the cooking in Venice countryside, you are ready to start to prepar your faboulus italian meal, always bespoke according your wishes and tastes, and seasonal, consisting in started, first course, main course, and desert, you can have a vegetarian option too.

Our Chef will share his secrets to impress your friends once you will be back home, your cooking experience will improve your tortellini, lasagne or ravioli skills, at the end you will be almost professional.


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