One hour free tour in Venice for doctors

One Hour free tour in Venice for covid doctors and nurses 

We hope you are safe, even if we know this is not a happy and easy period, for the whole world.

Today, December 2020, in Italy we are in a period of social distancing and confinement, and it’s still hard to move around and to have a regular life. 

In order to guess for the best coming soon, we would like to do something for you.

In this hard time, each of us has got his own “happy island” in order to survive a little bit better: someone tries to forget the daily issues reading, someone else listening to the music, watching movie and tv series, cooking, doing fitness, embroidering and so on.

But each of us is dreaming – at least once a day – about the next travel, as an escape from every day life.

We are here, for you, making your wishes, in order to make your next visit in Italy the most wonderful experience of your life, and in our mission we cannot think about to all the angels who took (and still are taking) care of everybody .

We are speaking about doctors, nurses, surgeons, and all those people relates to public health and national healthcare system.

We would like to thank all of you for your efforts and your precious help, and we would be glad to gift 24 hours of our work for you [both in Venice and Treviso]: this means that 48 (forty-eight) will be entitled of a one hour tour for free.

if you will be among the lucky 48 early birds, you will enjoy a 1 (one) hour free tour in Venice or Treviso (or you can have a one hour for free in a longer tour, it’s up to you).

You will be able to decide how to use it, in the way you love most, together with your family and relatives.

We wait for you, for enjoying the uniqueness of Venice and medieval city of  Treviso (which is 30 min. away from Venice by train) !

Term and Condition:

Please enter just for one city, or Venice or Treviso (not both) in order to give a chance to the most of you.

We will receive your email for this purpose until May, 31st 2021 or we close the subscription earlier when we will reach the complete 48 places quota (sold out).

You can enter the giveaway if:

  • you must be part of NHS in USA & Canada or other country (Hospital badge as a proof);
  • you must send an email before May, 31st 2021 with object “a relief for COVID medics” to;
  • your email must mandatory include your data [name, family name, approximately the time of your supposed visit in Italy, number of parties, contact details (phone/mobile number & email address)];

In case you will be part of the first 48 lucky ones:

  • you can redeem your one hour free tour until December, 31st 2021


  • one hour of free walking tour in Venice or Treviso;
  • an English speaking local guide;
  • customized tour, according to your wishes;

Not included:

  • meals, snacks, drinks during the tour;
  • roundtrip flight to Venice / Treviso:
  • transfer to/from airport to hotel/B&B;
  • accommodation;
  • any entrance fees to museums and churches;
  • any boat ride; 
  • any gondola ride;
  • everything not mentioned in ‘Included‘ section;
  • tips.

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Grazie igor