Books to read before your visit in Venice

Books to read before your visit in Venice

Books about Venice that you should read before your visit .


A lot of things has been written about venice, a lot of great guide has been created. Every time that i take my guests around Venice they ask me what they should read once home …. Or even when we exchage mail before that they come to Venice, the question is always the same … how should i prepare my Venice experience ? What should i read before coming to Venice ? 

I prepare a list of guide books before getting in the Venice island. 

If you are intrested to know some secret corners, the Venice behind the scenes , the non touristic Venice, from my point of you one of the best guide is “Secret Venice” by Jonglez editions , Thomas Jonglez , Paola Zoffoli, Irene Galifi. 

Here you are a link in order that you see it .

Somebody else was asking me .. How was Venice during the 2020 lockdown ? 

The best photobook that i saw so far is “Deserted Venice” … a totally empty Venice … A book to have in your collection to realize how the situation was.


The other guide book that i love is “The secret Venice of Corto Maltese: Fantastic and hidden Itineraries” you ll follow the footprint of Mr. Corto Maltese one of the most famous caracter of Mr. Hugo Pratt. The walks of the guide are really amazing and you ll discover areas or things about Venice that you dindnt even expected.