Private venice orientation tour

Private venice orientation tour

One thing that i really like to do is to show my city, show this incredible island with has got still a magical atmosphere. My walking tour will give you the idea of the venice of the venetian, the venice of every days life, my tour will give you the idea of how all this things work so well together and are so melt together in such a great and incredible place with is Venice. ¬†With my orientation walk we will understand why the venetian built up a town in an island, we will discover the ancient jewish quarter, we will use the traghetto to cross the grand canal ( we will act exactly like the venetian) we will discover the fish and fruit market, you ll be impressed by the story of marco polo and his 17th ¬†years trip to china, the amazing adventure of the eclectic Casanova not only an italian latin lover but a great genius of the 1700. We will walk through Venice and we will enter from the back street to discover the hidden areas. We will see the church of St. John and St. Paul, the church of Santa Maria Formosa. We will have a glassblowing demonstration to understand the secret of this incredible art. We will see the scala contarini del bovolo, Mozart’s House, the Fenice Opera house. We will be able to have a gondola ride and you ll understand a bit better the history of the gondola and the gondoliers. The other best way to see Venice is to have a canal boat ride along the grand canal so we will discover all this incredible palaces, all the different kind of boat.

After this walk you ll be more confident with venice, and after that you ll realize that even if you ll get lost is not such a bad thing! Because you ll have beauties all over the island !!!! AND THEN IT’S AN ISLAND YOU CAN’T GET THAT LOST!!!!!!

The tour last around 3 hrs. We run the tour every day, and is conducted by a local expert.
This tour can start from your hotel in Venice or Venice cruise terminal or the most convinient place according to your needs.

Please get in touch with me for any kind of questions about venice and the tour.