Murder tour during Casanova’s time

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Murder tour during Casanova’s time

La Serenissima : between symbols , places and facts of the crime
The route that is proposed is to retrace Venice at night through a unique wire
conductor : the crime capital of the Venetian Republic, the crimes occurred in
Five hundred to those of today , described in the books of David Busato .
Among the main characters of the stories of crime in the city names appear as the abbot Vettor
Grimani Calergi , owner of the building where now stands the Casino of Venice and was guilty of
numerous crimes , or Daniel Lanza , a famous French master who terrorized Venice during the
Carnival abducting and torturing young women. But you can also visit the place where
occurred and where death sentences were read calls for condemnation. The route starts from
Rialto and lasts about 2 hours. They are also made ​​to view some of the reproductions of documents of various
processes .
1 – Rialto: the Hunchback , stone Notice . The Council of Ten , the stone of memory
2 – Rialto: Osteria del Sol , Daniel Lanza rapist Carnival
3 – Rialto : Osteria Do Spade , the murder of Maria Theresa Alberti
4 – San Marco Corte Contarina , Panizzi, the murderess of prostitutes
5 – San Marco : Columns execution , the case of Venerable Gate
6 – San Marco: Prisons , the nightmare of the Abbot Vectors Grimani

The tour last around 2 hrs. We run the tour every day, and is conducted by a venetian local guide.
This tour can start from your hotel in Venice or Venice cruise terminal or the most convinient place according to your needs.

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The itinerary has been designed by Davide Busato

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